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BI PV Urban Scale Project Details
Name projectThüringerberg
Year2003-00-00 (Start operation date)
PV applicationInclined roof - mounted
PV power total kWp
Latitude/Longitude47°13'0"N 9°46'59"E
© Albert Rinderer, Austria (www.solalbert.info)

Project summary
Community Thüringerberg is located in Vorarlberg which is the western province of Austria. This community is one of the 6 communities of “das Große Walsertal” biosphere park. Biosphere parks are marked up by UNESCO as model regions for sustainable and economized life. This community is located 890 m above sea level where there is less fog in the winter. The number of habitants is 690; the number of households is 210. Energieinstitut Vorarlberg coordinated the PV Power plant on the roof of community centre which was implemented in the framework of “SONNENSCHEIN” campaign. After that some inhabitants wanted to have their own PV systems. The “feed in tariff” gave them the possibility to realize these. PV is realized on 17 (15 single houses, the elementary school and the community centre) builings.

Urban scale PV aspects
A PV system with a capacity of 1,725 kW (PV Power Plant) has been installed, in February 2000, on the roof of new community centre within the framework of private shareholder programme “SONNENSCHEIN” campaign which was launched in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg in 1997. The programme was coordinated by the ‘Energieinstitut Vorarlberg’.

Special PV project info
PV architecture and building integrationBecause of landscape protection all PV systems are roof integrated. In the two of the households PV roof tiles were used.
Urban planning issues
Economical and financial issuesWithin this private shareholder programme “SONNENSCHEIN” programme private individuals and local governments are encouraged to purchase ‘Sonnenscheine’ (= ‘sun bill’). The price of one share was set at 70 EUR and the installations are supported by means of 30% to 35% rebates from the province of Vorarlberg. For this PV system the householders of community Thüringerberg purchased 175 shares. 15 inhabitants built a “private partnership” and invested in a PV system on the roof of primary school. The shareholders may obtain the money earned from electricity generation at the end of every 6 months.
PV ownershipBuilding owner: Inhabitant PV owner: Inhabitant PV energy user: Utility (VKW)
Tariffs and metering
In October 2001 the feed in tariff came into force in Vorarlberg. 72 EURcent/kWh for new systems and 50 EURcent/kWh for old systems have been granted for 15 years. This incentive stimulated the residential PV System installations.
Info on grid issuesFor grid connection, the directives of Utility in Vorarlberg province (VKW) were implemented. Special attention has been given to the protection against lightning. The surplus electricity of community centre, where the first PV system was installed, has been fed into the grid but after coming into force of feed-in tariff system, 100% of generated electricity could be fed into the grid.
Other infoComprehensive information campaigns, technical tours, and education activities accompanied the programme “SONNENSCHEIN”. Moreover, frequent meetings of shareholders and operators ensured that the campaign is kind of a public event. Through this campaign the public interest has increased in Vorarlberg.
Remarks and recommended readingEnergy yield per year: Approx. 956 kWh/kW (derived from the data of 5 PV systems in this community over 3 years) Investment for PV systems: Approx. 8500 EUR/kW (price from the year 1999) Approx. 7000 EUR/kW (price from the year 2002) Approx. 5900 EUR/kW (price from the year 2003) PV module manufacturer: Kyocera, Solar Fabrik, Aspro Power, Atersa, Böhler Inverter manufacturer: Fronius, SMA/Sunny Boy, Sputnik/Solar Max

Other project data
Type of project
Other relevant aspects
Start of PV project
Start operation PV system2003-00-00
Main project leading company
Main project contact personAlbert Rinderer
Contact emailalbert.rinderer@aon.at
Contact address6721 Thüringerberg, HNr.219
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Urban district data
Kind of urban areaResidential - urban
Main building typesHouses - single house
New/Retrofit/AddedSeparately added to the building
Main PV area address

PV systems
PV applicationInclined roof - mounted
PV power total urban project146 kWp
Number of dwellings/units17
PV power per dwellings/units0 kWp
Main PV system typesGrid-connected - demand side
Main PV module typesFramed - regular module
Main PV cell typesCrystalline silicon - unknown other or mixed
PV module brand and type
PV inverter brand and type

PV cost and energy production
Total PV system investment
Average PV modules only costs
Total PV energy yield956 kWh
PV energy user owner

Projects websitehttp://www.solalbert.info
Other websites http://www.solalbert.info/pv/anlageninfo/index.php?region=1&gemeinde=1
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