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BI PV Urban Scale Project Details
Name projectSolar City Gleisdorf
Year1996-00-00 (Start operation date)
PV applicationInclined roof - unknown other or mixed,
Structures - non-building structures
PV power total kWp
LocationGleisdorf, Styria
Latitude/Longitude47°5'32"N 15°43'56"E
© Feistritzwerke-Steweag Gmbh

Project summary
At the beginning of the 1990´s the first PV-systems were installed in the city of Gleisdorf in order to generate electricity. In 1996 the first PV-system in Austria, realized through a shareholder programme, was installed on the roof of the "Feistritzwerke-Steweag" utility company. This project made it possible for environmentally engaged people to own a share of a PV power plant. This PV-system and further projects (for example the solar tree, solarstreet, solarwheel in the front of the secondary modern school, and so on...) led to a lot of interest by the local population and was the best advertising for the Photovoltaic. Furthermore every two years a solar symposium takes place in Gleisdorf and these events also promotes the usage of solar energy in the region. And so in the recent years a totally PV power of 350 KWp in about 150 different systems are installed, which corresponds approximately to an area of 3400 m².

Urban scale PV aspects
Gleisdorf is known in Austria with its numerous renewable energy initatives, projects and measures. For example the solartree is not only an architectural and technological object which produces electricity. It underlines the future ideologies in terms of energy and it also promotes energy awareness to the population. In this respect the solartree connects the elements of solar-technology, city organization and planning in one project.

Special PV project info
PV architecture and building integrationThere are many different PV-systems installed in Gleisdorf and most of them are grid-connected. The largest PV-system in Gleisdorf is a non-building structure - it is a 100 kWp PV-system and is installed at the multifunctional noise-protection wall along the motorway A2. A further project is realised trough a sharehodler programme and was installed on the roof of the "Feistritzwerke-Steweag"-company. The most architecturally interesting project is the solartree. A further interesting initative is the so called "solar street", which is a 3.5 km long street section where many different objects are powered by PV.
Urban planning issuesThe city government of Gleisdorf is also interested to enforce renewable energies in public buildings. In the future PV-plants, solar thermal plants and biomass must installed in all new public buildings that will be constructed. Retrofits at older public buildings have also been made within a renewable energies programme.
Economical and financial issuesThe most of the Pv systems in the solar street have been financed by utility "Feistritzwerke" ,which partly belongs to municipality of city Gleisdorf. Hence the projects of solarstreet can also be called as city initiative.
PV ownershipA number of PV-system have installed at community-buildings and as demonstration projects at different places all over the city. A lot of private house owners have also installed a PV-system on their buildings, which have been founded through their own finances and especially grants of the government of stryia and the city of Gleisdorf.
Tariffs and meteringFeed-in-tariff
A feed-in-tariff is guaranteed at different projects. There is also the possibility to get an investment subsidy, but this amount is very small.
Info on grid issues
Other infoIn Gleisdorf there is a free consulting interview with a representative of the public utility company for everyone who wants to plan and build a new building. In this interviews the application of renewable energies are presented and furthermore the advantages and possibilities of renewable energies are imagined. This consulting interview is obligatory for every new building planer to get a subsidy from the community and government.
Remarks and recommended readingThe PV power per dwelling is calculated as the average of the total installed PV-power, whereby the noise-protection wall has the largest share.

Other project data
Type of projectCommercial project
Other relevant aspectsSolar thermal
Start of PV project
Start operation PV system1996-00-00
Main project leading companyFeistritzwerke-Steweag GmbH
Main project contact personIng. Robert Kohl
Contact emailoffice@feistritzwerke.at
Contact addressA-8200 Gleisdorf, Gartengasse 36
Includes PV database projectsNoise Barrier Gleisdorf

Urban district data
Kind of urban areaResidential - urban
Main building typesHouses - single house,
Other buildings
New/Retrofit/AddedRetrofit building integration
Main PV area address

PV systems
PV applicationInclined roof - unknown other or mixed,
Structures - non-building structures
PV power total urban project358.5 kWp
Number of dwellings/units146
PV power per dwellings/units2.455 kWp
Main PV system typesGrid-connected - demand side
Main PV module typesFramed - regular module
Main PV cell typesCrystalline silicon - unknown other or mixed,
Amorphous silicon
PV module brand and typeSolarwatt ,
PV inverter brand and typeSMA,

PV cost and energy production
Total PV system investment
Average PV modules only costs
Total PV energy yield315000 kWh Calculated
PV energy user owner

Projects website
Other websites www.gleisdorf.at;www.energytech.at
Webpage Educational Tool


(PV) architecture, (PV) non-building-structures, thermal solar energy