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BI PV Urban Scale Project Details
Name projectBielefeld-Kupferheide
Year2004-06-00 (Start operation date)
PV applicationInclined roof - unknown other or mixed
PV power total kWp
LocationBielefeld, NRW
Latitude/Longitude51°59'32"N 8°28'38"E
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Project summary
In Bielefeld-Kupferheide a populated area with 66 housing units has been developed on a total area of 2.7 hectars. The development and marketing of the area were realized by a development contractor. An independent office has carried out the quality assurance of the buildings. The local heat supply system is operated by the owners. Features of the development * 45 housing units in detached, semi-detached and terraced houses 21 units in multiple dwellings * Heating requirement 30 % below 1995 Heat Insulation Regulation * Solar thermal collectors and photovoltaic systems * Local heat supply system with natural gas heating (condensing boiler) * Cisterns for rain water

Urban scale PV aspects
The Settlement is perfectly connected to the inner city of Bielefeld by local traffic. Schools and all relevant institutions are accessible by feet. Beside the energetic aspect, the concept of this settlement includes ecological aspects like creation of a green area and the use of rainwater. Each house-owner engages to keep within energetic requirements.

Special PV project info
PV architecture and building integrationSince many architects involved in the planning and realization different types of construction and PV architecture have been realized. Most solar modules are mounted on the roof while few are integrated or "solar-roofs".
Urban planning issues
Economical and financial issues
PV ownershipThe Settlement consists of three parts, which are built in different periods. The first one includes 31 single family houses having a minimum power of 1,2 kWp per house. This is defined in the sales contract and the PV is owned by the house-owners. In the second part of the settlement multi-family houses provide 21kWp altogether. The third part does not contribute to generation of electricity through PV but houses have a very low consumption of energy instead ("3-liter-houses").
Tariffs and meteringFeed-in-tariff
Info on grid issues
Other info
Remarks and recommended reading

Other project data
Type of projectCommercial project
Other relevant aspectsSolar thermal
Start of PV project
Start operation PV system2004-06-00
Main project leading company
Main project contact person
Contact email
Contact address
Includes PV database projects

Urban district data
Kind of urban areaResidential - urban
Main building typesHouses - single house
New/Retrofit/AddedNew building integration
Main PV area address

PV systems
PV applicationInclined roof - unknown other or mixed
PV power total urban project58 kWp
Number of dwellings/units66
PV power per dwellings/units1 kWp
Main PV system typesGrid-connected - demand side
Main PV module typesPV building elements - other
Main PV cell typesCrystalline silicon - unknown other or mixed
PV module brand and type
PV inverter brand and type

PV cost and energy production
Total PV system investment
Average PV modules only costs
Total PV energy yield0 kWh
PV energy user owner

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1. Solars_Bielefeld_de.pdf (language: German (Deutsch))

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