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BI PV Uban Scale Project Summary
© Donna Munro
Name projectKirklees Council Solar PV Projects
CountryUnited Kingdom
Year2005-00-00 (Start operation date)
PV applicationInclined roof - mounted,
Inclined roof - integrated
PV power total350 kWp
LocationKirklees, Yorkshire
Latitude/Longitude53°38'32.53"N 1°47'24.6"W
SummaryThe European project SunCities started in 2000 and aimed to install 3.05MW of solar electricity on 2,000 homes in Germany, the Netherlands and Kirklees in the UK. In Kirklees this includes a total of 350 kWp osolar PV systems and 63 solar thermal systems. Around 518 households have been involved across Kirklees, including elderly tenants and families with young children. They benefit from free solar electricity and can expect to save up to £50 a year on their electricity bill. The energy performance of the homes has been improved; EcoHomes ratings of very good and excellent have been awarded by the BRE for the new build homes. Solar panels have been installed on to 268 council owned homes, two 40-bed residential care homes, four 8-bed care homes and luxury apartments at Titanic Mill. Through SunCities, Kirklees has installed 4.9% of the total solar electricity installed in the UK, making SunCities the largest domestic solar project in the UK. SunCities has attracted funding of up to £1.8 million to Kirklees and attracted nationwide attention through winning, in 2006, an Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy, a British Renewable Energy Association Award and Green Apple Award.