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BI PV Uban Scale Project Summary
© Kyocera corporation
Name projectPanahome-city Seishin-Minami
Year2004-00-00 (Start operation date)
PV applicationInclined roof - mounted,
Inclined roof - integrated: PV roof tiles
PV power total299 kWp
LocationKobe, Japan
Latitude/Longitude34°42'22"N 135°1'41"E
SummaryPanahome-city Seishin-Minami PV project consists of 100 house compartments with PV rooftops of 3 kWp each. 31 houses have inclined roofs with mounted regular framed PV modules, while 69 houses have inclined roofs with PV roof tiles. In total 299 kWp (mulit-crystalline silicon) is installed by the Kyocera corporation.