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BI PV Uban Scale Project Summary
Name projectNieuwland 1 MW PV project
Year1999-12-00 (Start operation date)
PV applicationFlat roof - integrated,
Inclined roof - integrated,
Façade - unknown other or mixed
PV power total1300 kWp
LocationAmersfoort, Utrecht
Latitude/Longitude52°12'12"N 5°22'32"E
SummaryIn the Waterkwartier district in the Nieuwland expansion area of the city of Amersfoort, the worlds' largest urban PV project (1999) has been realized. The project consists of over 500 houses and several other buildings such as schools and a sport facility with PV solar modules integrated in the façade and the roofs. The total PV power is 1.3 MWp, about 12,000 m2. The solar systems are expected to produce 1000,000 kWh yearly, which is equivalent to the electricity demand of 300 houses. © Several texts by REMU (now; Eneco).