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BI PV Uban Scale Project Summary
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Name projectGrupe – Carsten Crossings
Year2008-00-00 (Start operation date)
PV applicationInclined roof - integrated: PV roof tiles
PV power total345 kWp
LocationRocklin, California
Latitude/Longitude38°47'26"N 121°14'8"W
SummaryThe Carsten Crossings neighborhood is one of 9 developments within the 1,200 acre Whitney Ranch development located in Rocklin, California. The Carsten Crossings project consists of 144 three-to-five bedroom, 2-3½ bath homes on lots that are 6,000 square feet or larger. The Carsten Crossings home designs are inspired by traditional ranch homes built in the area. The homes are considered middle class and market for about $500 000. Grupe submitted the Carsten Crossings project for certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED-H pilot program and is marketed as a “GrupeGreen” development, with many green building options such as soy insulation.