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BI PV Uban Scale Project Summary
Name projectFeldkirch
Year1998-00-00 (Start operation date)
PV applicationInclined roof - unknown other or mixed,
Flat roof - unknown other or mixed
PV power total480.65 kWp
LocationFeldkirch, Vorarlberg
Latitude/Longitude47°14'50"N 9°35'10"E
SummaryThe first demonstration PV-system was installed on the roof of the vocational school in Feldkirch and come into operation in september 1990. In 1998 a communal PV-system was installed on the roof of the elementary school in the district Nofels. So environmentally engaged people could buy "sun certificates" to own a share of the PV plant. The interest in the plant was very large and so the PV system has been enlarged two times. This awakened interest of the population led to additional installations of PV-systems at the private sector and also in some companies. In 2003 a further civic participation PV plant was installed by the city government of Feldkirch and a group of shareholders on the roof of the preschool. And so a totally PV power of 480 kWp in about 70 different systems are installed in the recent years.