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BI PV Uban Scale Project Summary
© Feistritzwerke-Steweag Gmbh
Name projectSolar City Gleisdorf
Year1996-00-00 (Start operation date)
PV applicationInclined roof - unknown other or mixed,
Structures - non-building structures
PV power total358.5 kWp
LocationGleisdorf, Styria
Latitude/Longitude47°5'32"N 15°43'56"E
SummaryAt the beginning of the 1990´s the first PV-systems were installed in the city of Gleisdorf in order to generate electricity. In 1996 the first PV-system in Austria, realized through a shareholder programme, was installed on the roof of the "Feistritzwerke-Steweag" utility company. This project made it possible for environmentally engaged people to own a share of a PV power plant. This PV-system and further projects (for example the solar tree, solarstreet, solarwheel in the front of the secondary modern school, and so on...) led to a lot of interest by the local population and was the best advertising for the Photovoltaic. Furthermore every two years a solar symposium takes place in Gleisdorf and these events also promotes the usage of solar energy in the region. And so in the recent years a totally PV power of 350 KWp in about 150 different systems are installed, which corresponds approximately to an area of 3400 m².