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1. Treasure Homes – Fallen Leaf, Sacramento, USA
Sacramento area’s Fallen Leaf at Riverbend answers the universal problem of urban sprawl through the construction of desirable, attractive, energy efficient, solar homes in an infill area. With Treasure Homes’ Award of Merit at the California Building Industry Association's Gold Nugget Awards in 2006, its Fallen Leaf community is one of the...
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2. Grupe – Carsten Crossings, Rocklin, USA
The Carsten Crossings neighborhood is one of 9 developments within the 1,200 acre Whitney Ranch development located in Rocklin, California. The Carsten Crossings project consists of 144 three-to-five bedroom, 2-3½ bath homes on lots that are 6,000 square feet or larger. The Carsten Crossings home designs are inspired by traditional ranch homes bui...
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3. Stad van de Zon (City of the Sun), Heerhugowaard, Netherlands
The core of the “Stad van de Zon” (City of the Sun) is the residential area in Heerhugowaard, which has been designed to be a net zero CO2 emissions area. This would be achieved by installing 3,75MW of photovoltaic systems, 100 hectares of forest and three wind turbines of 2,3 MW each. The project was aimed to have a total installed peak power ...
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4. Solar housing estate Westerkappeln-Haubreede, Westerkappeln, Germany
A Solar energy housing estate with 27 housing units in the region of Münster that is built on the properties of the local Protestant parish. It is part of a wave of new settlements in a rural region. The project is a model that aims to combine local responsibility for global climate protection and safeguarding the creation with individual living...
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5. Centex - Avignon, Pleasanton, USA
Avignon is a high-end home community, with prices starting at $1,6 million. The homes are estate style homes, yet are a Centex “Powersave Plus” community. The homes start at 400 square meters and the land parcels are 1 200 – 2 400 square meters for 28 of the homes. Two homes are on parcels10 000 – 20 000 square meters and have maintained...
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6. Darnaise district, Venissieux, France
Darnaise district rehabilitation, including 11 towers of 16 floors (740 housings). One of the project aims was the reduction of the tenant energy charge. At the beginning of the project, it was the biggest french solar operation. From 4 to 12 kWp are integrated in the facade of each tower. The project was made in three parts, the third part has b...
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7. Solarsiedlung am Schlierberg, Freiburg (Breisgau), Germany, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
This solar settlement is part of a larger urban redevelopment in Freiburg. Over a period of approximately ten years 60 “Energy-Surplus-Houses®” and a 125 m service block, called “Sonnenschiff”, has been built. The “Sonnenschiff” provides retail-, office and living spaces. The terraced houses are two and three storeys high. The “Sonne...
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8. Les Hauts de Feuilly, Saint-Priest, France
Les Hauts de Feuilly is a new housing district in the Grand-Lyon Community (1998) with a new form of housing based on high quality architecture and urban living. In this project includes 22 (19 attached houses and 3 multi-story apartment buildings) with PV systems out of a total of 200 houses and 6 multi-apartment buildings.
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9. Pal Town Josai-no-Mori, Ota, Japan
The number of PV systems to be installed in this project eventually reached to 553 houses and total capacity is 2 310kW, one of the world’s largest residential clustered PV systems connected to a single distribution line. The project is being implemented with the cooperation of Tokyo Electric Power Co., Ltd. together with a R&D consortium. This d...
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10. Korea: Korea National Housing Corporation-Apartment, Cheonju, Korea
The apartment buildings were built for low-income families by KNHC (Korea National Housing Cooperation) in new apartments’ area, Cheonju, Korea, located about 300km south west of Seoul. The community is leased apartments for 1 215 families, and 55-80m2/family. The national rental housing is a sort of public rental housing constructed with govern...
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11. Medicis Square, Saint Priest, France
In order to offer the same quality to all home owners, France-Terre, a private developer, decided to integrate a PV system in the roof of each house or building of the community : 19 individual houses are equiped with a 1 kWp PV system and 3 collective housing with a 2 kWp PV system.
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12. Kirklees Council Solar PV Projects, Kirklees, United Kingdom
The European project SunCities started in 2000 and aimed to install 3.05MW of solar electricity on 2,000 homes in Germany, the Netherlands and Kirklees in the UK. In Kirklees this includes a total of 350 kWp osolar PV systems and 63 solar thermal systems. Around 518 households have been involved across Kirklees, including elderly tenants and famili...
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13. Asan Green Village, Asan, Korea
Asan green village is one of the projects developed under the Local Energy Development Program in Korea. The objective of the program is to construct a cluster of homes whose energy is largely supplied by renewable energy sources. There are 26 buildings in Asan green village and each building has 4 families. The PV systems total capacity is 208kW a...
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14. Jo-Town Rinku Hawaiian Village, Tajiri, Sennan, Japan
In Jo-Town Rinku Hawaiian Village near the Osaka Kansai International Airport, all houses (236) have been installed with PV rooftop systems of 2 kWp. The PV rooftops consists of so-called PV rooftiles. In addition to the PV systems, whole-house energy efficiency is enhanced, with all houses either all-electrific or equipped with a gas co-generatio...
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15. Sekisui Harmonate-town Tsuru-no-ura, Kurashiki, Japan
Sekisui Harmonate-town Tsuru-no-Ura is located in Okayama prefecture. In 2005, 16 houses equipped with PV system were sold and presently another 16 houses are being sold in lots. In December 2006, 19 houses in total were being built.
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16. Sengendai Sai-no-michi, Koshigaya, Japan
In Sengendai Aya-no-Michi, Koshigaya city, is not far from Tokyo. In the land readjustment project in 2004, the city government held a competition for residential area development, which was won by Hakushin corporation. Hakushin built 25 house compartments in the area and promoted to develop a community of all-electric houses equipped with PV syst...
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17. Campkin Court, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Built in 1966 Campkin Court is owned by the Cambridge Housing Society. It is a three-storey brick building with a flat roof and is divided into 23 flats. The building has been refurbished, incorporating energy saving measures such as roof resurfacing and insulation. It is hoped that these energy saving measures and individual PV systems will help t...
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18. Bielefeld-Kupferheide, Bielefeld, Germany
In Bielefeld-Kupferheide a populated area with 66 housing units has been developed on a total area of 2.7 hectars. The development and marketing of the area were realized by a development contractor. An independent office has carried out the quality assurance of the buildings. The local heat supply system is operated by the owners. Features of t...
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19. Premier Homes – Premier Gardens, Rancho Cordova, USA
Premier Gardens was the first near Zero Energy home (ZEH community) in the Sacramento area as well as the first for the builder, Premier homes. The plot of land was actually developed by two home builders. Cresliegh homes built 98 high efficiency homes and Premier built 95 near-ZEH homes. As noted by the plot layout the two types of homes are in ...
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20. Sekisui Harmonate-town Shin-Kamagaya, Kamagaya, Japan
Sekisui Harmonate-town Shin-Kamagaya is located in the west of Chiba prefecture and is 40 minutes from the center of Tokyo. The development area is 6 500 m2 in total. A concept of developing the area was ‘A house living with sun & a town living with future’ and all houses were equipped with PV systems. On this area a small PV community has been...
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21. Panahome-city Seishin-Minami, Kobe, Japan, Japan
Panahome-city Seishin-Minami PV project consists of 100 house compartments with PV rooftops of 3 kWp each. 31 houses have inclined roofs with mounted regular framed PV modules, while 69 houses have inclined roofs with PV roof tiles. In total 299 kWp (mulit-crystalline silicon) is installed by the Kyocera corporation.
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22. Waterloo, Ontario Solar Community Demonstration Project, Waterloo, Canada
Waterloo, Ontario is located in central Canada, approximately 600 km South West of Ottawa, the Canadian Capital. This project was the first demonstration of a grid-connected PV community in Canada.
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23. Clarum Homes - Vista Montana, Watsonville, USA
Vista Montana is one of many zero energy home (ZEH) developments by the Clarum Homes Development Company. It is the largest ZEH development in the US. Clarum made a commitment to ZEH in 1999 and introduced the Enviro-HomeTM in 2004. The program has also earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® seal, ConSol’s ComfortWise...
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24. Thüringerberg, Vorarlberg, Austria
Community Thüringerberg is located in Vorarlberg which is the western province of Austria. This community is one of the 6 communities of “das Große Walsertal” biosphere park. Biosphere parks are marked up by UNESCO as model regions for sustainable and economized life. This community is located 890 m above sea level where there is less fog in ...
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25. ABZ Residential Area “Moos”, Marchwartstreet, Switzerland
The ABZ Residential Area is located on the Marchwartstreet, 8038 Zurich, which is the largest city in Switzerland with around 370 000 inhabitants. The community is composed of eleven blocks multi-story apartment buildings in four rows and is in quiet residential area not far away from the center of the city. The solar plant on this project was rea...
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26. Cosmo-Town Yumemino Saizu Licht paadje, Matsubushi, Japan
Yumemino Licht paadje is located in Matsubushi-town, Saitama. A development of the area was planned and promoted by the Urban Renaissance Agency of Japan (the UR). Hakushin corporation proposed a concept of ‘Earth friendly town’ and was allowed to develop and sell 90 house compartments in the area. Taking advantage of their experience of ‘...
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27. Hills-Garden Kiyota, Sapporo, Japan
All houses of the Hills-Garden Kiyota are all-electric and using high-efficiency energy equipment such as a heat pump system, as well as PV system. The community realizes a low maintenance and operation cost, in addition to a low energy-consumption and low CO2 emissions. In total 142 PV rooftops of 2,4 kWp each have been installed.
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28. Jo-Town Kanokodai, Kita, Kobe, Japan
Jo-Town Kanokodai is located in the north of Kobe city, Hyogo. Originally, the number of house compartments with PV rooftops planned was 70. However, many customers had a great deal of empathy for the plan and 25 compartments were added to the development plan. As a result, the community has 95 houses equipped with PV systems.
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29. Solarsiedlung Gelsenkirchen-Bismarck, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Completed in 2001, this solar housing estate is the first one built in the “Ruhrgebiet”. It is situated on the outskirts of a former coal-mine and spans about four hectare. Built by two different building promoters this settlement is divided into a north and a south sector. The northern part mainly includes basements, massive constructions and ...
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30. Solar Energy Housing Estate Köln-Bocklemünd, Cologne, Germany
The refurbishment of the 640 dwellings was part of „50 solar energy housing estates in NRW“. Köln-Bocklemünd was turned into one of the first energy efficient housing estates in the framework of the programme subsidised by the province North Rhine-Westphalia. Due to implemented measures like additional insulation the heating demand could have...
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31. Shea Homes – San Angelo, San Diego, USA
Shea Home builders were in the process of a new development when the western energy crisis hit California in 2000. In some cases, San Diego Gas and Electric utility bills nearly tripled in one month resulting in a very strong market for high efficiency homes. 306 single-family homes were built. All have solar hot water systems. Still at this poin...
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32. City of Malmö, Malmö, Sweden
The city of Malmö is located in the very south of Sweden and the third largest city in the country. Investment in solar energy is being made to strengthen and market the environmental profile of the city, to reduce CO2-emissions and to become more self-sufficient in energy. Malmö has also established the first Solar City Association in Sweden, wi...
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33. Cosmo-Town Kiyomino Saizu, Yoshikawa, Japan
Kiyomino is located in the northeast of Yoshikawa-city, Saitama, and is approximately 20km from the center of Tokyo. The area has been developed toward a comfortable living environment of 21st century and its concept is “human-friendly town development”. Hakushin corporation was allowed to develop and sell 79 houses in the area. Then, they dec...
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34. Sol 300, 8 communities in Denmark; Fanø, Toftlund, Brædstru, Denmark
In 1998, the biggest Danish solar power project to date, SOL-300, was set in motion, and it ran until 2001. SOL-300 follows on the Danish SUN CITY Project (1996-1999), in which 30 single-family houses were supplied with PV systems. In SOL-300, PV systems have been installed on the roofs of 300 single-family houses in Jutland and on Fyn. The houses ...
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35. Hazama-so, Nagoya, Japan
Nagoya city is the fourth biggest city in Japan and with over 2 million inhabitants. In this project (reconstruction of an old district in the nineties) 8 new buildings were equipped with PV systems on the roof and completed in 2000. The capacity of the PV system of each building was different, wiht 203kWp of PV installed in total.
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36. Nieuwland 1 MW PV project, Amersfoort, Netherlands
In the Waterkwartier district in the Nieuwland expansion area of the city of Amersfoort, the worlds' largest urban PV project (1999) has been realized. The project consists of over 500 houses and several other buildings such as schools and a sport facility with PV solar modules integrated in the façade and the roofs. The total PV power is 1.3...
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37. Villa Garten Shin-Matsudo & Tiara Court Kasukabe, Matsudo & Kasukabe, Japan
A target for the project was to deploy residential PV systems with the housing sector playing a role in PV system installation in a residential area and to create a practical case study. The target wa achieved and a massive and creative project where all houses are equipped with PV systems was launched in two areas of the Tokyo metropolitan region,...
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38. Olympics Village, Sydney, Sydney, Australia
Newington is a low-rise, inner-city suburb of around 90 hectares. It is located approximately 15 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD, on a site of approximately 262 hectares, which encompasses the Olympic Village. The site originally consisted of salt marshes, wetlands and open grasslands and had been extensively used for industrial purposes. The bro...
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39. Feldkirch, Feldkirch, Austria
The first demonstration PV-system was installed on the roof of the vocational school in Feldkirch and come into operation in september 1990. In 1998 a communal PV-system was installed on the roof of the elementary school in the district Nofels. So environmentally engaged people could buy "sun certificates" to own a share of the PV plant. The inter...
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40. Solbyen, Ring Sø, Denmark
The SUN CITY is located in Ring Sø on the outskirts of Brædstrup. Since its commissioning in the summer of 1997, residents on the 30 houses with PV modules on the roofs have changed their habits of power consumption significantly. At the same time, it has been found that the PV systems produce more electricity than expected, and that they do not ...
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41. Sonnensiedlung Hettstadt, Hettstadt bei Würzburg, Germany
The little development comprises 22 residential buildings in rows and a "Kindergarten". Itwas designed to provide affordable housing to low-income families with kids. It features an energy efficient design and roof integrated PV arrays. The developer is a family association associated with the catholic church. To allow for cost efficient purch...
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42. Solar City Gleisdorf, Gleisdorf, Austria
At the beginning of the 1990´s the first PV-systems were installed in the city of Gleisdorf in order to generate electricity. In 1996 the first PV-system in Austria, realized through a shareholder programme, was installed on the roof of the "Feistritzwerke-Steweag" utility company. This project made it possible for environmentally engaged people t...
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43. Nieuw-Sloten PV houses, Nieuw Sloten, Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Nieuw Sloten PV houses project is located in the south-west of the city of Amsterdam. The goal of the project in Nieuw Sloten was to realize a fully integrated PV system in a new to build residential area with approximately 100 dwellings. The PV system was integrated physically (PV modules instead of roofing tiles), electrically (connected to ...
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