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BI PV Project Details
Name projectBalanced Energy Houses Nieuwland
Year1997-12 (Start operation date)
PV applicationInclined roof - integrated,
Inclined roof - transparent roof
PV power total21.8 kWp
LocationAmersfoort, Utrecht
Latitude/Longitude52°12'2"N 5°22'48.2"E

Project summary
A double residence has been built in the new housing district Nieuwland in the city of Amersfoort, where the annual energy consumption is fully covered by aan integrated solar energy system. One of the semi-detached houses was for some years used as an Information Centre for sustainable energy, the other house was (and now both houses are) used as (test) houses for normal habitation. The houses are low-energy houses ('energy-performance of 0.56), while the energy roofs are producing sufficient energy on a yearly average to fullfil the energy demand of the houses.

Best practice project
This project is one of the first modern 'zero-energy' houses with PV. The "Balanced Energy Houses" as part of the socalled "1 MegaWatt Project" (Amersfoort) paved the way for attention and promotion for low-energy and zero-energy housing in NW Europe. Emil ter Horst, Horisun, NL-2006.

Special PV project info
PV architecture and building integrationA central element in the structural design is the atrium: a large open area at the heart of the building which allows the sun to shine deep into the house. All the living functions are situated around the atrium. The high structural mass of the house ensures accumulation of the solar heat and hence a stable indoor climate. The architecture of the houses is also largely determined by the conspicious roof construction. Various types of solar systems have been incorporated: solar thermal collectors, normal PV solar modules, both double- and single-glazed transparent panels,, ordinary double glazing and sunblinds. In Aluminum profiles of the German manufacturer Schuco it was possible to realize an even roof surface, despite the various thicknesses of the different roof elements.
PV ownershipEneco (formerly Eneco) is acquiring experience both with combinations of solar systems partly connected to the grid and with the future energy model of balanced energy houses. The houses are owned by private persons.
Tariffs and metering
Energy production and energy use are balanced on a yearly base.
Remarks and recommended readingThe design of the balanced energy houses is based on three principles: reduction of energy consumption; use of sustainable energy and use of building materials from sustainable sources. Electricity is generated by 78 m2 of solar panels for each of the two houses, and 15 m2 of transparent panels located above an atrium in each house. These PV panels are connected by 5 inverters to the local grid. In addition to the energy measures, several other envrionmental measures have been taken. The 1 MW-Project has been supported by the European Commission within the Thermie-program, contract No.: SE/178/96/NL:IT (see internet page http://europa.eu.int/search/s97.vts). Sources: Book 'Bouwen op de Zon, Building Solar Suburbs - Nieuwland Amersfoort' written by Henk Bouwmeester and Jan van IJken, 1999, AEneas publishers, ISBN: 90-75365-19-5.

Other project data
Type of projectExperiment
Other relevant aspectsZero-energy house
Start of PV project1996
Start operation PV system1997-12
Project leading companyEneco
Project contact personBernard Verheijen
Contact email
Contact address
Part of Urban Scale project1 MegaWatt Project, Amersfoort

Building data
Use and function of the buildingDwellings - private housing
Building typeHouses - attached houses
New/Retrofit/AddedNew building integration
PV building addressNieuwlandseweg 42, Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

PV system
PV applicationInclined roof - integrated,
Inclined roof - transparent roof
PV power total project21.8 kWp
Number of dwellings/units2
PV power per dwellings/units10.9 kWp
PV system typeZero-energy building
PV module typeMixed
PV cell typeCrystalline silicon - multi
PV module brand and typeShell IRS80 LA
PV inverter brand and typeSunmaster 1800
Includes PV database product(s) 

PV cost and energy production
PV system investment247231 Euro
PV modules only costs
PV energy yield15000 kWh Calculated
PV energy user owner2 private families

Names and Addresses
Building OwnerPV ownerArchitectMain PV manufacturer
Name2 private families2 private familiesBOOM-Duijvestein; Margret Drok and Architectenbureau Van Straalen; Han van ZwietenShell Solar Energy
AddressOude Delft 49, 2611 BC Delft

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1. energybalance.pdf (language: English)
2. energiebalans.pdf (language: Netherlands/Nederlands)

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