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BI PV Project Details
Name projectFraunhofer ISE – Atrium roof
Year2001-04-22 (Start operation date)
PV applicationInclined roof - transparent roof
PV power total5 kWp
LocationFreiburg, Baden-Württemberg
Latitude/Longitude48°0'12"N 7°48'12"E
© Fraunhofer ISE

Project summary
The saw-toothed roof over the atrium is one of the four demonstrations of PV building integration at the premises of Fraunhofer ISE. It is an important element of the building architecture and has a strong visual impact on the entrance hall. It is a good example of a holistic planning approach. It integrates daylighting, protection from summerly overheating, heat insulation and electric power production. Last not least the shadow pattern of the modules creates an interesting aesthetic effect of inside the atrium, which varies with time of day and season. Modules were specifically designed for this system. Glazing is born by a steel support structure which holds of mullion/ transom stick construction. Modules are placed on sealing rubber stripes and fastened by a screwed cover profile. The whole systems had been optimised for operation under partial shading from front sheds. PV power is 5 kWp.

Best practice project
The atrium roof PV system is a very good example of a carefully designed system. It is a truly building integrated, multifunctional system. Besides electric power production it fulfils aesthetic functions, daylighting, heat insulation and protection from summerly overheating.

Special PV project info
PV architecture and building integration
PV ownership
Tariffs and metering
Remarks and recommended readingA report prepared for PVPS IEA task 7 describes the PV system and the building design process in more depth. “IEA_task7_report_case-study_ISE_premises.pdf” Images are included in "Teapub_selection_final_report_images.pdf" The full building is described in: "Fraunhofer_building_descr-2auflage-englisch.pdf"

Other project data
Type of project
Other relevant aspects
Start of PV project1999-02-01
Start operation PV system2001-04-22
Project leading company
Project contact personHermann Laukamp
Contact emailhermann.laukamp@ise.fraunhofer.de
Contact address
Part of Urban Scale project

Building data
Use and function of the buildingOffice buildings - commercial
Building typeNon-residential buildings - 3 or 4 floors (low rise)
New/Retrofit/AddedNew building integration
PV building addressHeidenhofstr. 2, D-79110 Freiburg

PV system
PV applicationInclined roof - transparent roof
PV power total project5 kWp
Number of dwellings/units0
PV power per dwellings/units0 kWp
PV system type
PV module type
PV cell type
PV module brand and typecustom made by St. Gobain Glass Solar GmbH, Jülicher Str. 495, D- 52070 Aachen
PV inverter brand and type2 inverters Solwex 20270
Includes PV database product(s) 

PV cost and energy production
PV system investment
PV modules only costs
PV energy yield
PV energy user owner

Names and Addresses
Building OwnerPV ownerArchitectMain PV manufacturer
NameFraunhofer Gesellschaft für Angewandte Forschung e.V.Fraunhofer Gesellschaft für Angewandte Forschung e.V.Dissing + Weitling ArkitektfirmSt. Gobain Glass Solar (nowadays: Schüco)
AddressHansastraße 27 c, D-80686 MünchenHansastraße 27 c, D-80686 MünchenOvergarden neden Vandet 45, DK-1414 KopenhagenSchüco International KG, Karolinenstraße 1-15, D- 33609 Bielefeld

Projects websitehttp://www.teapub.solar-monitoring.de/english/welcome.html
Other websites
Webpage Educational Tool

1. Fraunhofer_ISE_PV_systems_overview.pdf (language: english)
2. IEA_task7_report_case-study_ISE_premises.pdf (language: english)
3. Teapub_selection_final_report_images.pdf (language: english)
4. Fraunhofer_building_descr-2auflage-englisch.pdf (language: english)

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