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BI PV Project Details
Name projectPV sunshading in Monte Malaga Hotel
Year2005-08-01 (Start operation date)
PV applicationFaçade - integrated in fixed sunscreens
PV power total54 kWp
LocationMalaga, Malaga
Latitude/Longitude36°40'0"N 4°29'0"E
© Isofoton, 2005

Project summary
PV system installed in a new hotel in the city of Málaga where the PV modules are used as fixed sun-shading elements, as part of the bioclimatic strategy of the building for enery savings and energy efficiency purposes.

Best practice project
The project architect received an honorable mention in the "2007 Construmat Awards", promoted by the International Fair of Construction Construmat, in Barcelona. The jury highlighted the different bioclimatic strategies adopted, amongst which the PV modules used as sun protection and electricity generation elements.

Special PV project info
PV architecture and building integrationThe PV modules are integrated as sun shading elements in all the rooms. Special attention has been payed to wiring, which is integrated in the supporting structure and cannot be seen externally.
PV ownership
Tariffs and meteringFeed-in-tariff
Remarks and recommended reading

Other project data
Type of projectCommercial project
Other relevant aspectsCo-generation applied
Start of PV project2004-09-01
Start operation PV system2005-08-01
Project leading companyIsofotón S.A.
Project contact personFernando Arribas
Contact emailf.arribas@isofoton.com
Contact addressc/ Montalbán 9, E-28014 Madrid, Spain
Part of Urban Scale project

Building data
Use and function of the buildingFacilities - sport and recreation (incl. hotels)
Building typeNon-residential buildings - 5 to 12 floors (mid rise)
New/Retrofit/AddedNew building integration
PV building addressPaseo Antonio Machado,10, E-29002 Málaga, Spain

PV system
PV applicationFaçade - integrated in fixed sunscreens
PV power total project54 kWp
Number of dwellings/units1
PV power per dwellings/units54 kWp
PV system typeGrid-connected - supply side
PV module typeFramed - transparent module
PV cell typeCrystalline silicon - mono
PV module brand and typeIsofoton I-55
PV inverter brand and typeEnertron
Includes PV database product(s) 

PV cost and energy production
PV system investment
PV modules only costs
PV energy yield
PV energy user ownerHotel Monte Málaga

Names and Addresses
Building OwnerPV ownerArchitectMain PV manufacturer
NameHotel Monte MálagaHotel Monte MálagaJuan Manuel Rojas Fernandez, Juan Ramón Montoya (main architects), Jerónimo Vega (BIPV)Isofotón S.A.
AddressPaseo Antonio Machado,10, E-29002 Málaga, SpainPaseo Antonio Machado,10, E-29002 Málaga, Spainc/ Montalbán 9, E-28014 Madrid, Spain

Projects websitehttp://blog.hotelesmonte.com/category/edificios/
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