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BI PV Project Details
Name projectSchiestelhaus
Year2005-09 (Start operation date)
PV applicationFaçade - transparent PV facade
PV power total7.5 kWp
LocationHochschwabmassiv, Styria
Latitude/Longitude47°37'22"N 15°9'1"E
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Project summary
The Schiestelhaus is the central alpine base at the summit plateau of the Hochschwab mountains. It is in possession of the mountain club ÖTK, on 2.153 m sea-height and lies directly underneath the main mountain crest. The existing house was 120 years old. It had 110 sleep places and represents a key building for the alpine development and security in the Hochschwab chain. The new hut is a pilot project for solar and ecological building and can be seen as test on extreme conditions for normal plants. The modular concept of the system is the most important innovation of this project. Conventional PV plants have a weak point at the interface to battery. The interconnection of different energy systems (e.g. PV, biomass, wind) cause difficulties, since a synchronization of the plants on a consumer net was not posible.

Best practice project
The energy saving passive house quality connected with a hybrid system of photovoltaic, thermal collectors, heat recovery and a back up system with a plant oil generator care for comfort and a high effective energy supply for all electric and thermal consumers in the refuge.

Special PV project info
PV architecture and building integration
PV ownership
Tariffs and metering
EU-investment subsidy (€): 30611 Subsidy "Österreichische Kommunalkredit" bank (€): 54331
Remarks and recommended readingOne important factor in planning the whole domestic technology was power consumption: Given average solar irradiation, more than 60% of the annual electrical energy requirement can be covered by the 7,5 kWp photovoltaic system. The installation was mounted in front of the parapet of the terrace because the major part of the facade is being used for the solar thermal collectors. Only a small part of the facade was also equipped with photovoltaic panels. (Source: http://www.nachhaltigwirtschaften.at/(en)/publikationen/forschungsforum/052/teil2.html)

Other project data
Type of project
Other relevant aspects
Start of PV project
Start operation PV system2005-09
Project leading companyATB -Antennen ° Umwelt ° Technik ° Becker
Project contact personGernot Becker
Contact emailoffice@atb-becker.com
Contact addressDörferstraße 16, A-6067 Absam
Part of Urban Scale project

Building data
Use and function of the buildingFacilities - sport and recreation (incl. hotels)
Building typeOther buildings
New/Retrofit/AddedRetrofit building integration
PV building addressSchiestlhaus am Hochschwab, 8636 Seewiesen

PV system
PV applicationFaçade - transparent PV facade
PV power total project7.5 kWp
Number of dwellings/units0
PV power per dwellings/units0 kWp
PV system typeOff-grid - rural electrification
PV module typeLaminates - transparent laminate
PV cell typeCrystalline silicon - multi
PV module brand and typeRWE Schott Solar- ASE 300-DG-FT/MC
PV inverter brand and typeSunways AG- MHH power 65
Includes PV database product(s) 

PV cost and energy production
PV system investment174791 Euro
PV modules only costs
PV energy yield8222 kWh Calculated
PV energy user ownerAustrian Tourist Club (ÖTK)

Names and Addresses
Building OwnerPV ownerArchitectMain PV manufacturer
NameAustrian Tourist Club (ÖTK)Austrian Tourist Club (ÖTK)Marie Rezac -Pos architekten
AddressBäckerstraße 16Bäckerstraße 16Maria-Treugasse 3 /15, 1080 Wien

Projects websitehttp://www.pvenlargement.com/
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