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BI PV Project Summary
© University of Leicester
Name projectLeicester University Library
CountryUnited Kingdom
Year2007-01 (Start operation date)
PV applicationFlat roof - mounted & mechanical fixing,
Façade - integrated in movable sunscreens
PV power total37.036 kWp
LocationLeicester, Leicestershire
Latitude/Longitude52°37'13.92"N 1°7'28.06"W
SummaryThe University of Leicester is undertaking an ambitious 30 year £330 million investment programme to enable it stay at the forefront of UK and Worldwide Higher Education providers and transform the University of Leicester’s physical environment, creating a forward-looking campus in which to work and study. This is the biggest expansion plan for the University since the 1960s. As an important part of this master plan, Leicester Academic Library Services Ltd (LALS), a wholly owned university subsidiary company, has extended and refurbished the Main Library building. The LALS, library refurbishment and extension presents the University with a landmark facility at the hub of University life providing a state of the art, flexible, aesthetically pleasing, light, airy, library environment. To this end the LALS project has produced an energy efficient and sustainable building with an excellent BREEAM rating and incorporating a Photovoltaic installation. The PV installation is integrated into the building fabric to provide a positive public face, dual functions of building envelope and complimentary energy source, and a research vehicle to further the knowledge of this technology.
Keywords(bipv) building integrated pv

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