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BI PV Project Summary
© Niccolo Aste
Name projectRooftop PV Plant at Politecnico di Milano
Year2001-12-25 (Start operation date)
PV applicationFlat roof - mounted & mechanical fixing
PV power total11.25 kWp
LocationMilan, Milan
Latitude/Longitude45°17'0"N 9°10'0"E
SummaryThis project represents one of the early PV installations under the “Photovoltaic Rooftop Program” promoted by the Italian Ministry of Environment at the beginning of the year 2001. The basic idea behind the whole project was the exploitation of the slightly sloped roof of the main building of the Faculty of Architecture that contains didactic rooms and the library. The total PV power is 11.25 kWp. The chosen roof shows interesting characteristic from energy point of view, such as the south exposition, almost absence of obstacles toward solar paths, and a relevant number of available sheds suitable to be covered by PV modules. On the roof, a total number of 30 existing sheds are utilised as supports for PV modules. The choice of the PV modules represented undoubtedly one of the most important steps of the project considering their dimensions, fixing system, chromatic appearance, cells type and dimension and frame type. The module Shell Solar RSM75 (1220x 580 mm) was particularly suitable to meet the requirements of the project. In this way it has been possible to install 5 modules on each shed, that is a total of 150 PV modules for the plant.
Keywords(PV) demonstration

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