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BI PV Project Summary
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Name project51 PV power plants (2 kWp)
Year1998-11 (Start operation date)
PV applicationStructures - non-building structures
PV power total102 kWp
LocationEast of the Netherlands
Latitude/Longitude52°20'0"N 7°5'0"E
SummaryNuon is promoting the sale of renewable energy by offering 2 kWp solar pv plants to their business partners. In total, Nuon wants to generate 600 GWp of renewable energy in the year 2000. In this project, 51 2 kWp systems are placed, scattered all over Nuon’s area of supply. The 2 kW poles are mainly placed at business areas of renewable energy customers. Municipalities and schools want to promote renewable energy. Therefore, the 2 kW poles are placed at notable locations. The 2 kW poles are developed to be able to easily install solar pv systems. The poles, including panels and cables, are transported to their destination by truck as a whole. After constructing the foundation, the pole is installed. Compared to other installations, the pole is relatively expensive. In the further development of free-standing solar pv systems, this financial aspect needs more interest.
Keywords(PV) non-building-structures

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