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BI PV Project Summary
© Rolf Disch, 2008
Name projectSonnenschiff
Year2003-12-01 (Start operation date)
PV applicationInclined roof - integrated
PV power total135 kWp
LocationFreiburg, Baden-Württemberg
Latitude/Longitude47°59'43"N 7°51'11"E
SummaryThe first solar community centre built by the Plusenergie® construction method. The "Sonnenschiff" runs along Merzhauser Straße for a stretch of 125 m (136.7 yards) and is the entrance front of the Schlierberg Solar Estate in Freiburg. The buiding is designed for energy efficiency. Computer simulations show that a heating energy demand of yearly 10 to 20 kWh per m2 effective area is to be expected – depending on the usage, the position and the proportion of the units´ exterior surfaces. On balance, the Sonnenschiff will gain its power demand entirely from renewable energy. On the pitched roofs of the penthouses and the head construction to the north, about 1 000 m2 (1 195.9 square yards) of PV modules with 135 kWp are installed. The electric power fed into the public power supply system.
Keywords(bipv) building integrated pv

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