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BI PV Project Summary
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Name projectPV façade Mathildelaan, Eindhoven
Year2000-05 (Start operation date)
PV applicationFaçade - mounted
PV power total25.4 kWp
LocationEindhoven, North-Brabant
Latitude/Longitude51°26'12"N 5°28'41"E
SummaryIn this demonstration project, the façade at the south side of the car park at the Mathildelaan in Eindhoven has been renovated, using solar panels. The project has two goals. Firstly, the solar panels are used to transform the old façade into a modern, ‘high-tech’ and environmentally friendly face. Secondly, the project aims to familiarize the citizens of Eindhoven with solar power. The façade is covered with lattices and solar panels. The panels are concentrated in one 136.5-m² face. The very centre of this face is reserved for a large advertisement. Solar panels are also integrated in the shed (116.5 m²), which is assembled along all of the building. The total installed power is 25 kWp.
Keywords(PV) façades, social acceptance

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