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BI PV Project Summary
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Name projectThe Boegspriet, Etten-Leur
Year1998-12 (Start operation date)
PV applicationInclined roof - integrated
PV power total103 kWp
LocationEtten-Leur, North-Brabant
Latitude/Longitude51°34'11"N 4°38'9"E
SummaryStam + De Koning Vastgoed has developed 38 private residences with over 25 m² of solar panels each in Etten-Leur in cooperation with Assink Vastgoed. The panels are placed on the small roof at the front side or on the long roof at the garden side, depending on the roof’s orientation towards the sun. Because of the use either four or eight dummy panels, the solar pv system covers all of the small roof plane; where the system is placed on the longer roofs, it is combined with flat Stonewold concrete tiles from Lafarge. The application of IRS 75 modules by SHell Solar Energy with solar cells that measure 125 x 125 mm and an Alcoa profile system is new. A for that time unique aspect is the participation of the electricity company NUON, because the project is located in an area that was normally taken care of by another electricity distribution company. The systems are monitored in great detail. Furthermore, an experiment with monthly feedback to the residents is taking place. The residences were sold during fall of 1998.
Keywords(PV) rooftops

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