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BI PV Project Summary
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Name projectEWE Arena
Year2006-06 (Start operation date)
PV applicationFaçade - integrated in movable sunscreens
PV power total14 kWp
LocationOldenburg, Niedersachsen
Latitude/Longitude53°9'0"N 8°13'0"E
SummaryEWE Arena Oldenburg is a sports- and multipurpose hall which is located at the edge of the fair ground of Oldenburg. The exterior walls are totally glazed. To prevent the building from overheating in summer the exterior walls are shaded by concrete overhangs as well as by a large movable PV-Shading system which circulates 200° around the building exterior according to the position of the sun. The 6,5m high and 36m long PV-Sunscreen covers a 60° segment of the circular building. The tracking is done every half hour in 7, 5° steps. The building did win several architecture prices. It also becam one of the five winners of the 2006 Federal Photovoltaic Award “Photovoltaik im Gebäudeentwurf” awarded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment and the German Association of Architects.
Keywords(PV) shades

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