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BI PV Project Summary
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Name projectEnvironmental education center - As Pontes
Year2003-12-15 (Start operation date)
PV applicationStructures - building structures with PV: roof (e.g. pergola)
PV power total14.3 kWp
LocationAs Pontes, A Coruña
Latitude/Longitude43°27'3"N 7°50'27"W
SummaryThe Environmental education center of As Pontes develops management programmes and systems to improve the environmental quality, through activities such as conferences, courses and workshops. It includes a series of small buildings located around a circular patio, which is covered by a skylight of wood structure (multilaminated wood, with very low environmental impact)divided in 10 equal pyramidal sectors. The northern part (5 sectors) is completely glazed, whereas the southern part (the remaining 5 sectors) is partially covered with semi-transparent PV modules. Due to the fact that the glazed skylight surface is big enough to provide natural light to the patio, conventional distance between the solar cells in the PV modules has been used.
Keywords(PV) roof tiles, (PV) non-building-structures, (PV) pergola

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