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BI PV Project Summary
© Vidursolar, 2007
Name projectVidurglass car parking
Year2007-04-17 (Start operation date)
PV applicationInclined roof - transparent roof
PV power total3 kWp
LocationManresa, Catalonia, Barcelona
Latitude/Longitude41°44'0"N 1°30'0"E
SummaryThe car parking roof of Vidurglass company is a multifunctional design that not only provides shadow to the parked cars, but also generates clean electricity. Special importance has been given to visibility aspects, through an attractive design of the car parking structure. The PV modules used, of glass-glass type and 115 Wp each (multi-crystalline solar cells ), with a translucent percentage of 27%. Besides the PV modules, and in order to provide a nice aesthetical appearance, conventional glasses with a dark screen printing motif with the name "Vidursolar" (transparent letters) have been also included, which reflects in the surrounding ground surface.
Keywords(PV) non-building-structures, (PV) transparent modules, (PV) pergola

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