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BI PV Project Summary
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Name projectSchiestelhaus
Year2005-09 (Start operation date)
PV applicationFaçade - transparent PV facade
PV power total7.5 kWp
LocationHochschwabmassiv, Styria
Latitude/Longitude47°37'22"N 15°9'1"E
SummaryThe Schiestelhaus is the central alpine base at the summit plateau of the Hochschwab mountains. It is in possession of the mountain club ÖTK, on 2.153 m sea-height and lies directly underneath the main mountain crest. The existing house was 120 years old. It had 110 sleep places and represents a key building for the alpine development and security in the Hochschwab chain. The new hut is a pilot project for solar and ecological building and can be seen as test on extreme conditions for normal plants. The modular concept of the system is the most important innovation of this project. Conventional PV plants have a weak point at the interface to battery. The interconnection of different energy systems (e.g. PV, biomass, wind) cause difficulties, since a synchronization of the plants on a consumer net was not posible.
Keywords(PVT) pv/thermal-systems

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