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BI PV Project Summary
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Name projectKanazawa Station East Plaza bus terminal
Year2004-12 (Start operation date)
PV applicationStructures - building structures with PV: roof (e.g. pergola)
PV power total110 kWp
LocationKanazawa, Ishikawa
Latitude/Longitude36°34'41"N 136°38'51"E
SummaryKanazawa city established the Kanazawa city environmental conservation regulation in 1997, which is aiming to contribute to ensuring a civil right of healthy and cultural life. Also, the city drew up the Kanazawa city environment basic plan to comprehensively and reasonably promote a policy for environment conservation. Based on the policies, PV system was installed as a shelter of a bus and taxi terminal of the Kanazawa station, as a symbol of the environment-friendly city. The Kanazawa station is a gateway of the city and a lot of people are coming and going. The electricity generated by the PV system is used for lighting of underground passage etc., and displays to show generating condition of the PV system electricity were placed to have the PR affect. A development of the square of the Kanazawa station was implemented as a land readjustment project. The project was subsidized as the next-generation city improvement project, and ‘Green Electricity fund’ was also applied for the PV system.
Keywords(PV) building elements, (PV) transparent modules

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