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BI PV Project Summary
© kyocera Solar Corporation
Name projectKyocera Mita Hirakata factory
Year2006-02 (Start operation date)
PV applicationFaçade - mounted
PV power total60 kWp
LocationHirakata, Osaka
Latitude/Longitude38°48'45"N 135°42'2"E
SummaryKyocera Mita corporation is one of the OA equipment manufacturers in Japan. In the industry, an environmental consciousness is advanced actively and a highest priority of the Corporate Social Responsibility. At the construction of a new building, PV system installation was as part of the efforts. The building is located near an arterial road and a railway and the PV modules were put onto a wall to have the PR affect. The PV system was installed as “Field Test Project on Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems for Industrial and Other Applications”, which is one of the demonstration project schemes. In this scheme, half of the cost is subsidized by NEDO and various kinds of operational data are monitored.
Keywords(PV) façades

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