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BI PV Project Summary
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Name projectThe OpTIC Centre
CountryUnited Kingdom
Year2004-02-01 (Start operation date)
PV applicationFa├žade - integrated other
PV power total85 kWp
LocationSt Asaph, North Wales
Latitude/Longitude53°15'34"N 3°28'33"W
SummaryThe OpTIC Centre was built by the Welsh Development Agency to provide research and development facilities for the opto-electronics industry. It has the largest CIS PV array in Europe and was the first application of this type of cells in the UK. PV formed part of the project from the intial design stage - the whole of the south facade is covered in PV modules at 70 degrees to the horizontal. The facade merges into the roof and creates a large colonnade which gives access to the workshops and laboratories beneath. The PV system inspires the whole shape of the building.
Keywords(bipv) building integrated pv

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