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BI PV Project Summary
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Name projectSolar Energy Housing Estate Köln-Bocklemünd (I)
Year2001-04-01 (Start operation date)
PV applicationFaçade - integrated other,
Flat roof - mounted & mechanical fixing
PV power total145 kWp
LocationCologne, North Rhine-Westphalia
Latitude/Longitude50°58'50"N 6°52'10"E
SummaryThe refurbishment of the 548 dwellings was part of „50 solar energy housing estates in NRW“. Köln-Bocklemünd was turned into one of the first energy efficient housing estates in the framework of the programme subsidised by the province North Rhine-Westphalia. Integration of PV System: The PV system provides the housing units with an overall performance of 145 kWp. Thereby about one fourth of the modules has been aesthetically integrated into the Southern front made of ceramic tiles. Further modules are fixed at balconies or on the roofs.
Keywords(bipv) building integrated pv, (PV) façades

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