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BI PV Project Summary
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Name projectWWF Panda houses
Year1999-11 (Start operation date)
PV applicationInclined roof - integrated: PV roof tiles
PV power total14 kWp
LocationHarderwijk, Gelderland
Latitude/Longitude52°21'0"N 5°37'0"E
SummaryThe World Wild Fund initiated this project with the goal to achieve a very low energy consumption in terrace houses. According to the Dutch Housing Laws an energy performance (EPc) = 1,2 is obliged, while the houses here achieve an EPc of 0,75. The houses have very well insulated shelter with a low U-value and a heat recovery system. Solar collectors for domestic hot water and a four square meters solar modules are integrated into the roofs. A PV-roof tile system named RBB 700 was choosen as it fitted best to the black curved roofs. Each system is approx. 0.4 kWp.
Keywords(PV) roof tiles

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