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BI PV Project Summary
© Novem, photo by Richard Schropp
Name projectDe Kleine Aarde
Year1995 (Start operation date)
PV applicationStructures - arcades
PV power total7.96 kWp
LocationBoxtel, Noord-Brabant
Latitude/Longitude52°12'0"N 5°12'0"E
SummaryThis project is an experiment in which transparent PV modules are used for the first time in the Netherlands. Special attention has been given to the architectoral integration of PV in the roof. The PV system is located above the corridor of the office of 'de Kleine Aarde'. The corridor has a length of 33 meter and connects the several rooms of the building. The PV cells in the glass roof hinders the solar irradiation entering the building, therefore reducing the building being overheated in summer. The new visitor's centre with its inviting glass house has been open to the public since September 30, 1995. The building itself is an exhibition of a sustainable approach. The visitor's centre provides information, exhibitions, book shop and a coffee-corner. In addition there is room for courses and lodging for course members. Travellers who are making a tour can also spend the night here.
Keywords(PV) architecture, (PV) transparent modules

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