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BI PV Project Summary
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Name projectPlan Nijrees
Year2001-11 (Start operation date)
PV applicationFlat roof - mounted & mechanical fixing,
Façade - integrated in fixed sunscreens
PV power total25.3 kWp
LocationAlmelo, Overijsel
Latitude/Longitude52°21'0"N 6°40'0"E
SummaryHBG-Vastgoed Ltd. has built an apartment building with twenty apartments and two penthouses in Almelo. The building should be an example for other new building estates within the community of Almelo. In designing the building an ‘autarkic’ concept has been kept in mind: it had to be (as far as possible) self-sufficient with regard to the use of energy. The building has a 14.4 kWp solar power system on the flat roof. Furthermore, the balconies are provided with see-through solar modules. With this, the degree of transparency varies from zero to 45%. The power of this solar pv system is approximately 10.9 kWp.
Keywords(PV) rooftops, (PV) transparent modules

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