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BI PV Project Summary
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Name projectSolar Power Die Delfgaauwse Weye
Year2002-07 (Start operation date)
PV applicationFa├žade - unknown other or mixed,
Flat roof - unknown other or mixed,
Structures - building structures with PV: roof (e.g. pergola)
PV power total33 kWp
LocationDelft, Zuid-Holland
Latitude/Longitude52°1'0"N 4°22'0"E
SummaryThe project Die Delfgaauwse Weye meant to show the possibilities of solar power in existing constructions and to tutor local developers and entrepreneurs. The project comprises several innovative applications of solar cells on a high-rise nursing home of Woningcorporatie Delftwonen. The building is located at a high profile location, close to one of the busiest highways of the Netherlands, the A13. Research showed that several parts of the building, namely the shed, the front facade, the flat roof of the low-rise building and the fencing of the balconies, were available for integration of solar power. Besides PV solar power, also other renewable energy and energy savings measures such as solar boilers for warm water have been applied.
Keywords(PV) demonstration

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