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BI PV Project Summary
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Name projectNCC Holmen and Grynnan
Year2004-04-01 (Start operation date)
PV applicationFaçade - integrated other,
Façade - transparent PV facade
PV power total34.7 kWp
Latitude/Longitude59°18'11.45"N 18°6'0.8"E
SummaryHolmen and Grynnan are two similar but reversed multi-family houses located in Hammarby Sjöstad. The overall project aim was to design buildings with low energy consumption by using Building integrated PhotoVoltaic systems (BiPV). As a result the project succeeded in 2002 to receive the first prize in the city of Stockholm’s prestigious environmental contest. The PV installation on each building façade consists of three parts: 1. PV modules integrated in one connected part of the façade, 2. PV modules used as balcony balustrades, and 3. PV modules as part of windows on the top floor, behind the "PV balconies".
Keywords(bipv) building integrated pv, (PV) façades

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