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BI PV Project Summary
© Lycee du Gresivaudan
Name projectGresivaudan High School
Year2004-10 (Start operation date)
PV applicationInclined roof - transparent roof,
Fa├žade - transparent PV facade,
Flat roof - mounted & ballast fixing
PV power total45 kWp
Latitude/Longitude45°12'33"N 5°46'57"E
SummaryThis installation is a photovoltaic showcase. The achitectural integration quality is remarkable. This ambitious project has been possible due to the extreme motivation of the pedagogical team in charge of it. All the students were involved in the project. Part of the PV-system is integrated to inclinated glass roofs.
Keywords(bipv) building integrated pv, (PV) architecture, (PV) building elements, (PV) transparent modules

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