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1. PV Quickstep, Datteln, Germany
The QUICK STEP-Solar PV system has succeeded in integrating ecological solar energy production and modern roofing architecture. Solar modules are adhered directly onto individual QUICK STEP panels using a transparent high tech adhesive. The production of these solar panels is thus realized using progressive technology.The result is a durable fle...
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2. iRoof/iWall, Talheim, Germany
iRoof/iWall is a coming product that combines PV, solar heating and solar cooling in order to achieve a maximum level of efficiency. While the PV cells on the surface produce electricity, concrete underneath and aside is collecting solar energy and absorbing the rejected heat of the PV cells. By doing so the absorber removes heat from the cells and...
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3. “Solar PV Standing Seam” & “Solar PV Click Roll Cap System”, Datteln, Germany
The RHEINZINK®-“Solar PV Standing Seam“ and “Solar PV Click Roll Cap System” are the optimum combinations of ecological solar energy extraction and architectural roof design using conventional seaming techniques. Efficient UNI-SOLAR® modules are fixed to RHEINZINK® panels using durable, full - surface adhesive technology. These modules c...
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4. Solartec, Kreuztal, Germany
ThyssenKrupp Solartec is a complete roofing and façade system comprising UNI-SOLAR® solar film laminated onto galvanized and plastic-coated steel sheet. In roofs it completely replaces conventional roofing systems and requires no additional substructures or other mounting fixtures. The system is ideal both for new buildings and for roof or faça...
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5. SolarSklent, Mayen-Katzenberg, Germany
SolarSklent by Rathscheck is a solar element especially made for slate roofs. Integrated in the roof it is both good-looking as well as completely water proof.
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6. Energy roof, Büttelborn, Germany
With its patent-pending energy unit, SYSTAIC has created a world first: a polyurethane-encased PV laminate which incorporates a novel cableless and screwless mounting and wiring technology. This technology allows the individual modules to be connected electrically and mechanically in just one step. It can be adapted to any individual roof. The g...
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7. Intersole, Cologne, Germany
InterSole is a system for integrating solar panels in sloping roofs – easy to mount and watertight. Mounted on your roof using an extremely ingenious design of overlapping plastic sheets and special anchors, the solar panels are equipped to weather storms. The fitter can use the special anchors as a foot support to work safely and quickly. Th...
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8. Evalon Solar, Madrid, Spain
Light anf flexible panel made of the waterproof sheet Evalon V and integrated PV laminates, to be used for multifunctional finishing of roofs of multiple type buildings (residential, commercial, industrial).
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9. `PV, Madrid, Spain
The A-75 ATM PV module uses the same cells and materials as the standard Atersa A-75 PV module (same production process and quality guarantees), with a special frame and measurements that have been specially adapted for its integration in ceramic ventilated façades. The tedlar is blue for better visual integration, incorporating rapid connection c...
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10. VIDURSOLAR: Glass-glass PV module for architectural integration, Spain
The PV module Vidursolar offers to architects extraordinary possibilities of design, both of the buildings outer skin as well as of the building interior space, by means of its selective light transmission properties. The functional characteristics of Vidursolar PV modules allow its use in multiple applications where both aesthetics and functionali...
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11. Imerys photovoltaic tile, Quincieux, France
Imerys photovoltaic tile is a product designed for roofers to make them install fully integrated PV systems in roofs made of fired clay tiles.
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12. Lafarge PV 700, Germany
The PV-module PV-700 consists of a glass-glass PV-module, which will be placed in a plastic supporting structure, which is hold by metal fixings made from staineless steel. Each PV-module is taking the place of 4 roof tiles and is homogeneously integrated into the traditional tile roof structure. The glass-glass PV-laminates have 18 mono- or multi...
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