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BIPV Product Details
Name projectIntersole
CountryGermany, Cologne
Year1999-07 (Start of market availability)
PV applicationInclined roof - integrated
Keywordsinstallation, support-structures
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Product summary
InterSole is a system for integrating solar panels in sloping roofs – easy to mount and watertight. Mounted on your roof using an extremely ingenious design of overlapping plastic sheets and special anchors, the solar panels are equipped to weather storms. The fitter can use the special anchors as a foot support to work safely and quickly. The sheets are made of recycled, low-maintenance 100% chlorine-free plastic. The inexpensive and easy to install InterSole has been awarded the TÜV certificate, which guarantees safety and reliability.

Product PV data
Start of market availability1999-07
PV application typeInclined roof - integrated
PV product typeIndependent support structure
PV module type
PV cell type
Total PV power sold0 kWp
Number of products sold0
PV power per unit of product0 kWp
BIPV market segment
Typical building applied in

Special PV product info
Remarks and recommended reading
Start of product development
Stage of developmentcommercialized
Start of market availability1999-07
Certificate for PV product
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Name manufacturerUbbink
Manufacturers contact person
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PV product websitehttp://www.ubbinksolar.com/index-en.php
Other websites

1. Ubbink-Intersole.pdf (language: multi)

installation, support-structures