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BIPV Product Details
Name projectSolartec
CountryGermany, Kreuztal
Year1999 (Start of market availability)
PV applicationInclined roof - integrated
Keywords(bipv) building integrated pv, (PV) building elements
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Product summary
ThyssenKrupp Solartec is a complete roofing and façade system comprising UNI-SOLAR® solar film laminated onto galvanized and plastic-coated steel sheet. In roofs it completely replaces conventional roofing systems and requires no additional substructures or other mounting fixtures. The system is ideal both for new buildings and for roof or façade renovation projects. ThyssenKrupp Solartec is suitable for both residential and industrial building. Single-shell elements are available in two performance types. The modules can also be supplied as sandwich elements with varying performance ratings. The large, unbreakable panels are easy to install, can be walked over and offer greater operating safety. Using steel sheet as the substrate makes it possible to realize complex building designs. In fact, the flexibility of our systems opens up interesting new architectural possibilities. Structural requirements relating to building height can be incorporated and out-of-the ordinary color designs accommodated, including the ReflectionsOne® color collection from ThyssenKrupp Steel.

Product PV data
Start of market availability1999
PV application typeInclined roof - integrated
PV product typeProfile system in-roof
PV module typePV building elements - other
PV cell typeAmorphous silicon
Total PV power sold0 kWp
Number of products sold0
PV power per unit of product0 kWp
BIPV market segmentResidential
Typical building applied in

Special PV product info
Remarks and recommended readingSolartec elements are availible with an output of 68 or 136 Wp depending on type.
Start of product development
Stage of development
Start of market availability1999
Certificate for PV product
PV product show address
PV module brand and type appliedUniSolar Triple junction Cells
PV inverter brand and type applied
PV database project applied

Name manufacturerThyssenKrupp
Manufacturers contact person
Contact email
Contact address

PV product websitehttp://www.thyssen-solartec.com/
Other websites

1. Solartec-prospect_English.pdf (language: english)

(bipv) building integrated pv, (PV) building elements