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BIPV Product Details
Name project`PV
CountrySpain, Madrid, Madrid
Year2006-01-01 (Start of market availability)
PV applicationFaçade - integrated other
Keywords(bipv) building integrated pv, (PV) façades
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Product summary
The A-75 ATM PV module uses the same cells and materials as the standard Atersa A-75 PV module (same production process and quality guarantees), with a special frame and measurements that have been specially adapted for its integration in ceramic ventilated façades. The tedlar is blue for better visual integration, incorporating rapid connection cables to facilitate assembly within the ventilated façade. Special pyramidal front glass is used, which results in greater protection and increases the radiation captured by the vertically mounted solar cells by at least 10%.

Info on building integration of PV product
Supporting structure has been developed by Mecanofas (Karrat S7 model). It consists of metallic profiles that avoid direct contact of the PV modules and ceramic paneling to the inner wall. This provides several benefits: hidden anchorage, better mounting efficiency, easy access, anti-drop system. This final aspect is specially important: in case of damage of any PV module, it remains fixed to the metallic horizontal profiles an can be removed safely

Product PV data
Start of market availability2006-01-01
PV application typeFaçade - integrated other
PV product typePV cladding elements
PV module typeFramed - regular module
PV cell typeCrystalline silicon - mono
Total PV power sold0 kWp
Number of products sold0
PV power per unit of product0.075 kWp
BIPV market segmentCommercial buildings
Typical building applied inNon-residential buildings - 3 or 4 floors (low rise)
New/Retrofit/AddedNew building integration

Special PV product info
Remarks and recommended reading
Start of product development
Stage of developmentcommercialized
Start of market availability2006-01-01
Certificate for PV product
PV product show address`PV
PV module brand and type appliedAtersa A-75 ATM
PV inverter brand and type applied
PV database project applied

Name manufacturer`Atersa`
Manufacturers contact person``
Contact email`international@atersa.com`
Contact address

PV product website`www.atersa.com
Other websites

1. Poster_ATM-75.pdf (language: English, Spanish)

(bipv) building integrated pv, (PV) façades