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BIPV Product Details
Name project“Solar PV Standing Seam” & “Solar PV Click Roll Cap System”
CountryGermany, Datteln
Year2001 (Start of market availability)
PV applicationInclined roof - integrated
Keywords(bipv) building integrated pv, (PV) architecture, installation
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Product summary
The RHEINZINK®-“Solar PV Standing Seam“ and “Solar PV Click Roll Cap System” are the optimum combinations of ecological solar energy extraction and architectural roof design using conventional seaming techniques. Efficient UNI-SOLAR® modules are fixed to RHEINZINK® panels using durable, full - surface adhesive technology. These modules can be installed on roofs and façades using proven RHEINZINK® seaming techniques such as the Double or Angled Standing Seam and the Click Roll Cap System.

Info on building integration of PV product
Standing Seam: The term “Double Standing Seam” describes a type of lengthwise connection between adjacent sections. With a minimum seam height of 25 mm, double standing seams provide a connection that is rainproof without applying additional measures. The angled standing seam is used for roof surfaces with a pitch greater than 25°. The forming of this seam is particularly easy as the seam is only profiled to the first turn to create the angled profile. Click Roll Cap: The RHEINZINK®-Click Roll Cap is available in the standard 3 m length. The system is suited for façades and roofs with a minimum pitch of 3°. The Click Roll Cap System is fixed using batten brackets, which simultaneously serve as adhesion profiles for the panels and as brackets for the roll cap.

Product PV data
Start of market availability2001
PV application typeInclined roof - integrated
PV product typeProfile system in-roof
PV module typePV building elements - other
PV cell typeAmorphous silicon
Total PV power sold0 kWp
Number of products sold0
PV power per unit of product0 kWp
BIPV market segmentResidential
Typical building applied in

Special PV product info
Remarks and recommended readingEach module has an area of 1,12 m² generating a nominal output of about 68Wp. The used Cells are made of thin-film Silicon by Uni-Solar.
Start of product development
Stage of developmentcommercialized
Start of market availability2001
Certificate for PV product
PV product show address
PV module brand and type appliedTriple junction cells by UNISOLAR
PV inverter brand and type applied
PV database project applied

Name manufacturerRheinzink
Manufacturers contact person
Contact email
Contact address

PV product websitehttp://www.rheinzink.de/230.aspx
Other websites http://www.rheinzink.de/231.aspx

1. SolarPVStandingSeamandClickRollCapSystem_en.pdf (language: english)

(bipv) building integrated pv, (PV) architecture, installation