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BIPV Product Details
Name projectiRoof/iWall
CountryGermany, Talheim
Year2008 (Start of market availability)
PV applicationInclined roof - integrated
Keywords(bipv) building integrated pv, (PV) hybrid systems, (PV) façades, added value, thermal solar energy, (PVT) pv/thermal-systems, product development, (PV) demonstration
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Product summary
iRoof/iWall is a coming product that combines PV, solar heating and solar cooling in order to achieve a maximum level of efficiency. While the PV cells on the surface produce electricity, concrete underneath and aside is collecting solar energy and absorbing the rejected heat of the PV cells. By doing so the absorber removes heat from the cells and thus, increasing their efficiency by keeping them on a constant temperature of 25-30°C. By implementing the gained heat into the circulation of the building, it can be used either for heating or cooling depending on demand. Therefore, a concrete core activation combinated with a heat pump and/or a storage may be used.

Info on building integration of PV product
iRoof/iWall is highly integrated into the building due to its function as electricity as well as heat supply. Therefore, it is based on a very compact construction as you can see on the pictures. In addition to that it is a very aesthetic solution as a result of the modern looking Evalon V solar cells on the entire surface of the roof or wall.

Product PV data
Start of market availability2008
PV application typeInclined roof - integrated
PV product typeProfile system in-roof
PV module typePV building elements - other
PV cell typeAmorphous silicon
Total PV power sold0 kWp
Number of products sold0
PV power per unit of product0 kWp
BIPV market segment
Typical building applied in
New/Retrofit/AddedNew building integration

Special PV product info
Remarks and recommended readingIt is said iRoof/iWall is going to be available on the market during this year. The PV power per unit is depending on PV used. Basically, any thin-film or amorphous silicon foil can be used, such as THYSSEN-Solartec® or WÜRTHSolar-CIS-modules. In this case UniSolar Evalon V was used generating 272 Wp per unit.
Start of product development2002
Stage of developmentprototype
Start of market availability2008
Certificate for PV product
PV product show address
PV module brand and type appliedEvalon V 272 (Wp) - UniSolar
PV inverter brand and type applied
PV database project applied

Name manufacturerHeidelbergCement
Manufacturers contact person
Contact email
Contact address

PV product website
Other websites http://www.heidelbergcement.com

1. iRoof-iWall_de.pdf (language: german)

(bipv) building integrated pv, (PV) hybrid systems, (PV) façades, added value, thermal solar energy, (PVT) pv/thermal-systems, product development, (PV) demonstration