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BIPV Product Summary
© Systaic
Name productEnergy roof
CountryGermany, B├╝ttelborn
Year2007-07 (Start of market availability)
PV applicationInclined roof - integrated
Keywords(bipv) building integrated pv
SummaryWith its patent-pending energy unit, SYSTAIC has created a world first: a polyurethane-encased PV laminate which incorporates a novel cableless and screwless mounting and wiring technology. This technology allows the individual modules to be connected electrically and mechanically in just one step. It can be adapted to any individual roof. The globally tested UV and weather-resistant polyurethane material encases not only the PV laminate, but also a 4-mm-thick pane of non-reflective glass that encapsulates the module. Due to the self-cleaning effect of this uniformly smooth and highly esthetic surface decreased efficiency as the result of dirt build-up or growth of moss is no longer an issue. And even martens have no chance of cutting the connection cables. This is therefore the first system to meet the demands for an esthetically appealing appearance as well as the requirements for economy and functionality while remaining open to integrating various cell technologies. Many energy units - combined with solar-thermal components - form the SYSTAIC energy-generating roof. The SYSTAIC energy-generating roof can, when used as a roof seal, completely replace a conventional roof.