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  • Intelligent Energy Europe
    The "Intelligent Energy - Europe" (IEE) programme addresses key energy challenges of the EU
  • PV Upscale
    PV-UP-SCALE stands for PV in Urban Policies: a Strategic and Comprehensive Approach for Long-term Expansion and is a project carried out and subsidized within the framework of the EC's Intelligent Energy-Europe (IEE) program. The objective of this project is to enhance the large-scale implementation of dispersed grid-connected photovoltaics in the urban environment.
  • Partners
    In PV-UP-SCALE 10 EU partners are working together.
    The International Energy Agency (IEA) Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (PVPS) is one of the collaborative R&D agreements established within the IEA and since 1993 its participants have been conducting a variety of joint projects concerned with the application of photovoltaic conversion of solar energy into electricity.
  • IEA PVPS Task10
    Within the IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (PVPS) the so-called Task 10 is the collaborative project on Urban-Scale Photovoltaic Applications. The objective of Task 10 is to enhance the opportunities for the wide-scale, solution-oriented application of PV in the urban environment, as part of an integrated approach that maximizes building energy efficiency as well as solar thermal and photovoltaics usage.
  • IEA PVPS Task7
    Within PVPS the predecessor of Task 10, Task 7 has been the international collaborative effort focusing on building integrated PV, linking developments in IEA countries worldwide. The overall objective of Task 7 is to enhance the architectural quality, technical quality and economic viability of photovoltaic power systems in the built environment and to assess and remove non-technical barriers for their introduction as an energy-significant option.
  • IEA SHCP Task16
    Task 7 again was building on previous collaborative actions within the IEA (Task 16 of the Solar Heating and Cooling Program). Primary focus of this Task is on the integration of PV into the architectural design of roofs and facades of all type buildings and other structures in the built environment (such as noise barriers).