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This website is maintained by HORISUN Renewable Energy Strategies, Utrecht, the Netherlands. PVdatabase is operated by Horisun on behalf of the PV-UP-SCALE consortium and IEA PVPS Task 10. The webmaster can be contacted at pvdatabase@horisun.com.

The website editor is Emil ter Horst, Horisun, who can be contacted at eth@horisun.com.
The website builder is Hub Smulders; he can be reached ate sens@xs4all.nl or by phone +31.30.2231003.

New entries for urban PV projects or products can be proposed to the webmaster or to the national participants and contact persons of PV-UP-Scale and IEA-PVPS Task 10 with a copy to the webmaster (click HERE for names and affiliations).
The webmaster can always be reached at pvdatabase@horisun.com.

Special thanks to the former IEA PVPS Task 7 and to Tjerk Reijenga of BEAR Architecten (NL) who supplies us with information and project and product data from the predecessor database. In the predecessor database information was partly given by IEA-PVPS Task 7 members Daniel Ruoss of Encolo AG (CH) and Ingo Hagemann of Architektenbuero Hagemann (D).
PVdatabase also thanks the participants of the PV-UP-Scale project and the IEA-PVPS Task 10. Information for some new German projects has been given by Ingo Hagemann of Architektenbuero Hagemann, under contract with the Fraunhofer Institut fuer Solare Energiesysteme ISE.
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This web site is built, owned and operated by HORISUN Renewable Energy Strategies on behalf of the PV-UP-SCALE consortium and IEA PVPS Task 10 and financially supported by the EC's Intelligent Energy for Europe program (50%) and Horisun (50%) under the so-called PV-UP-SCALE project.
Important message from the European Commission: "The sole responsibility for the content of this website lies with the authors. It does not represent the opinion of the European Communities. The European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein."

The website editor is Emil ter Horst, Horisun. The website was built by Hub Smulders (sens@xs4all.nl, phone +31.30.2231003). The webmaster can be contacted at pvdatabase@horisun.com.

The name PVdatabase.com is owned by BEAR Architecten (NL) and was already used for the predecessor database built on behalf of IEA PVPS Task 7. The name PVdatabase.org is owned by Horisun (NL). Both domain names are directed to the name PVdatabase.

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    Neither Horisun and the other members of the PV-UP-SCALE consortium nor IEA PVPS Task 10 or any person acting on Task 10's behalf are responsible for the accuracy of the information nor for the opinions or statements contained herein. The individual person who supplied the database entry is responsible for the content; this is done with reasonable care with regard to the objectives of the PVdatabase. Some older content is 'copied' from the predecessor Task 7 PVdatabase. All actors and individuals mentioned above don't accept any responsibility or liability with respect to the use of this information, and/or damages resulting from this use.
    With respect to copyrights and trade marks as much as possible care has been taken. If any conflict might occur, please write to the webmaster (pvdatabase@horisun.com) and report for which photo, graphics, product etc. a copyright or trademark is missing or conflicting. The webmaster will forward this e-mail as soon as possible to the individual person who delivered the content for the relevant entry, who will be asked to deal with the reported conflict.

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